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Vanessa, Texas, USA July 2017

Vanessa used Heavy-Duty Black Mosquito Netting to screen in her Dallas, Texas apartment patio. She cut the netting to fit the opening with a pair of scissors and then stapled the netting to an already-existing wooden frame to seal the patio from mosquitoes. 






Gena, New York, USA June 2017

Gena used All-Purpose Mosquito Netting to create an old time safari-themed baby shower. She rented the tents from a local rental company and then attached the netting to ropes that ran along the inside of the tents with clips. 








Tracey, New York, USA June 2017

Tracey made her own curtains using Heavy-Duty Porch & Patio Mosquito Netting to screen in her beautiful patio! Tracey ordered five separate pieces and then sewed a sleeve into the top of each panel. She made a curtain rod using aluminum conduit, which she painted white to match her patio's edging, and then installed the DIY curtains onto the conduit rod. 






Ramzi, Ohio, USA May 2017

Ramzi used a 6ft x 36ft piece of black Heavy-Duty Porch & Patio Mosquito Netting to screen in his porch. He installed the netting using simple thumbtacks and a hammer. 





Earl, Louisiana, USA October 2016

These photos come to us from a BBQ restaurant in Louisiana. Earl used a 12ft x 66ft piece of our black Heavy-Duty Porch & Patio Mosquito Netting to screen in his smokehouse, keeping the mosquitoes out while allowing ventilation for the smoker. Thanks for the photos, Earl!




Diane, Texas, USA, April 2015

Trevor we will be setting up our canopy this weekend which I used the netting for. I have several facebook aquaintances on camping sites who are interested in how I made the screening for our 12x12ft Coleman canopy. Since Coleman does not make them that size, I searched all over for other brands that would fit but to no avail that's why I ordered from you. 
I promised pictures to my aquaintances and how I made the sides with a list of items they will need to make their own. I was planning on recommending your netting and website. 
Making it myself was pricey but I know it works and it will be something we take camping almost every weekend throughout the summer months.



David, Moei River, Thailand, January 2015

Here are photos the tent from the burma border:




Hope Community Church, USA/Uganda, May 2013

Greetings, Trevor

One of our checked bags got lost en route and is being forwarded to us, but the rest of our bags made it to Entebbe and we have already distributed some of the nets to the workers at the first clinic we visited today. We will be visiting three clinics total in Entebbe and then two more rural clinics in the south of the country. In addition to the netting, we are distributing sewing kits and We really appreciate your company taking the time to work with us through all of our complications and for being so eager in supporting our cause. We hope to be doing this work again in 2014 and we hope to work with you again in our preparations for next year.