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The IPS: Our Newest Tent

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Although the IBNS Mosquito Net Tent is still our favorite, we often get inquiries about the Tropic Screen II and Amberjack tents that we used to carry and that were once customer favorites. Unfortunately, the Tropic Screen II was discontinued by its manufacturer and the Amberjack tents are no longer available. 

Utilizing customer feedback, we set out last month to find a tent that would replace the two discontinued tents and would be an alternative to the IBNS. We purchased and field-tested two dozens tents in the past five weeks and have determined that the best tent for our customers is the IPS (Insect Protection System) tent by KAMP-RITE.

The IPS has a number of features that we are really excited about:

1. The tent poles are angled, which means that the tent can be set up without putting so much tension on the poles. That should mean that this tent will last much longer than tents with tensioned flex poles, which are prone to snapping. 

2. The IPS tent uses hooks for attaching the poles instead of inserting the poles through sleeves. This should save a lot of time in setting up the tent and taking down the tent. The hooks are stitched into the IPS very well and it is very, very unlikely that one would ever rip out. 

3. The IPS includes a waterproof rainfly which is something that many of the tents we tested did not include. 

4. The dimensions of the tent are excellent. Although the tent is a bit narrow, it is long enough to accommodate a person up to 6'5" tall and the height of the tent is 36 inches, making it easier to sit up in the tent and to get in and out of the tent. 

Compared to the IBNS, the IPS does have some weaknesses. At 4.1 lbs, the IPS is more than twice the weight of the IBNS. The IPS must also be set up manually and it is bulkier when packed. Therefore, for long trips, I will still use the IBNS over the IPS. With that said, compared to any other tent, the IPS is far superior in nearly every way. 

I think the IPS will be an excellent product for our customers and I cannot wait to get some feedback! 

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